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Top 10 must-haves for a beautiful festive tablescape

There is something so magical about this time of year. As the nights drawn in, friends and family gather in cosy homes to share sumptuous feasts and create special memories.  With the dining table the central focal point for the festivities, creating a beautiful tablescape which delights your guests is top of our Christmas wish list!

As you know, the Scarlett Rose Events team loves nothing more than setting the scene for the perfect soiree, and this Festive Season we’ve put together our Top 10 Must Haves to help you create the tablescape of dreams.

A beautiful table set with candles, napkins and flowers perfect for Christmas or festive parties

1.     Decide on a theme

Whether you decide to stick with traditional décor, opt for an opulent setting or decide to go bold with colour – our number 1 must-have when creative a beautiful tablescape for your festive event is to decide on a theme … and stick to it!

Long dinner party table with candles

2.     Table

Next, it’s time to think about the table – size and shape can really impact the space, so get creative with your layout.  Long tables are great if you’ve got space for them, but pushing two rectangle tables together to form a large square can really maximise guest seating in a smaller space.  The key to the table layout is to make sure all of your guests feel part of the event.

Tablescape with grazing platters and foliage garland

3.     Linen

Often overlooked and most definitely underutilised, table linen is the foundation to laying the perfect table.  Whether you choose a tablecloth or a runner (or both!) is up to you, but selecting good quality table linen is key.  You want your guests to feel relaxed and comfortable as they gather around your table. Repeat after me, a beautiful tablescape deserves beautiful linen - a definite must-have for our festive table.

Wedding table with gold charger plates and decorated napkins

4.     Napkins

Yes, we know that they’re technically table linen, but these humble pieces of cloth deserve their own category as they pack some serious punch when it comes to style!  There are so many different types of fabric and pattern to choose from.  And don’t event get us started on the styling – the options are endless.  Folded with a pocket for menus, tied with a beautiful velvet ribbon, or knotted for a more casual look, your napkin is a great way to add dimension, texture and colour to the place setting.

Wedding place setting with personalised menu and gold cutlery

5.     Cutlery

When it comes to creating a festive tablescape, of course you can stick to the basics here, but now is definitely the time to bring out the fancy silverware and elevate your dining experience.  Once upon a time people bought one set of cutlery and it lasted you through until your twilight years, but today there are so many affordable flatware options available, it would be a crime not to treat your guests (and yourself!) to a fancy set this holiday season!  Think vintage gold for a more grandiose affair, two-toned with clean lines for a more modern approach, or why not have some real fun and go for rose gold or bronze!

Pretty and romantic table for wedding or party

6.     Glassware

Whether it’s a celebratory champagne, festive cocktail (or mocktail) or a fine wine from the cellar, no meal is complete without a drink to accompany it!  Keep your glassware matching for a classical look, add a sense of drama with crystal cut or deco style coupes, or if you’re feeling really adventurous, coloured goblets are a fun way to make a statement. Glassware is one of the key must-haves for any festive event, but utilising it to add style to your beautiful tablescape is a genius move.

Hand Calligraphy place tag for wedding

7. Place tags

Assigned seating may sound a bit formal for a party, but trust us, by putting a little thought into who should sit where will ensure the conversation flows easily.  It’s also the perfect opportunity to add an additional design element to your table.  From festive crackers to folded card with guest names hand written in modern calligraphy, place tags also double as a lovely keepsake from the event.

Candlelit dinner party with hanging candles and flowers

8.     Lighting

There’s a reason that candlelit dinners are renowned when it comes to setting the mood.  And whilst the soft, golden hues of candles create the perfect ambiance, you can also add style and pizazz to the tablescape itself with your selection of accessory.  From candlestick to votive, the colours and styles are so vast that we wouldn’t be surprised if you struggled to know where to start! To help you on your way we suggest an elegant gold candlestick for a luxurious setting, crystal or cut glass holders in varied heights for a more whimsical look, or if you’re wanting to make a statement, go bold with pillar candles in tall cylinder votives. And don’t forget to add coloured candles!

Seasonal flowers for fresh wedding centrepiece

9.     Centrepieces

Taking pride of place in the centre of the table, is the feature piece which brings everything together.  Depending on your theme you may opt for a beautiful floral display, or perhaps a festive display of scented evergreen foliage with berries, or maybe you’ve decided to go all out and create a toy-land inspired masterpiece.  One major tip when it comes to centrepieces is to remember the food – if you’re having any sharing platters on the table, make sure there’s space for it!

Festive dinner party with friends

10.     Music

Although technically not a tablescape item, music is absolutely the final piece of the puzzle when it comes to creating the perfect atmosphere for your guests to gather around your table and celebrate.  Keep the music light and low – enough for your guests to feel welcomed and to enjoy.

So there you have it! By following our formula to create a beautiful table scape using these top 10 must-haves, your table is sure to impress this festive season.



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