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Candlelit Wedding Ideas for 2024

Updated: Mar 28

In 2024, wedding décor is all about candles. From ceremonies to reception tables, we're seeing a huge increase in requests for candles (big and small!) to create a beautiful vibe and add that much needed glow to the room.

A beautifully styled wedding requires ambiance, and lighting is one of the most important elements in achieving this. When it comes to lighting, there are a number of ways to set the scene - from chandeliers, to festoons and fairy lights, your wedding venue or marquee will have the electrical side of things covered, but in order to create the perfect atmosphere for your wedding it's all about candles.

There's just something so inviting about the soft, warm glow of candlelight. Whether you're tying the knot in a rustic barn, a beautiful manor house or a marquee in a gorgeous garden setting, candles have the power to transform any space into a dreamy wedding wonderland.

Candlelit Ceremonies

The heart of your wedding day is without a doubt the ceremony itself. This is the moment when you declare your love for one another in front of your nearest and dearest, and candles can help set the scene. There are so many ways that candles can enhance your ceremony - a candlelit aisle, a simple remembrance or unity candle, or perhaps lanterns hanging overhead. Imagine saying your vows surrounded by the soft glow of candlelight

Table of Dreams

As your guests step into your wedding reception, take their breath away as the flickering glow of candlelight casts a golden hue over the entire room. As they take their seats, the soft, warm light dances across the table, creating an undeniably romantic atmosphere. Whether you choose statement candelabras, dainty tea lights, a vibrant selection of coloured dinner candles or mix it up with candle holders in different shapes and sizes, adding light to your wedding reception will definitely add that WOW factor.

Personal Touches

When it comes to candles, one of their best qualities is their versatility. In addition to your table décor, consider using candles in other ways on the day. Gifting candles as guest favours is extremely popular - it's a lovely way for guests to remember your wedding long after the days itself has passed. Get creative with personalised candles - you could even make a customised scent.

Wedding candles aren't just about providing light on your wedding day—they're about adding warmth, setting the mood, and adding a touch of enchantment. Whether you're feeling the classic vibes or adding your own spin on tradition with personal touches, once those candles are lit and you're surrounded by loved ones, the most important thing to do is enjoy your day and let your love light up the place!


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